The Random Vaper on Bubblegum Milkshake

The Random Vaper

Next sample i got(at Vapecon) is from @thrifty_clouds called bubblegum milkshake. The labeling is really nice with an image of a chick blowing a bubblegum bubble.

The nicotine strength will be 0 3 and 6 milligrams

Due to the fact that it is a 10ml sample i was only able to vape it one atomizer and i used the ghould 22mm single coil rda with a 2.5mm Clapton coil.

On the inhale i immediately get a milky blue bubblegum flavor that is really smooth to the throat. On the exhale it is a cool bubblegum flavor. But it is really subtle with the cooling effect and only after a couple of puff will you feel it is building up slowly, just like a real milkshake There was no need for me to break in the cotton i just started vaping straight away like any amateur will do and the flavor came through from the very first puff. After you have vaped and continue with your tasks at hand you can taste the bubblegum flavor in your mouth for a pretty decent amount of time.

So here is my personal opinion about the juice… The flavor is amazing and you get the flavor from the start. The bubblegum is a flavor that a lot of juice makers try and not all of them can make a juice that taste as good as this juice does. The more i vape on the flavor the more intense the flavor becomes. By adjusting my wattage and airflow i manage to get some delightful flavors from this juice.

I suggest you give it a try for yourself and taste what i’m tasting

Jacobus Daniel

Thanks Wayne and the guys at THRIFTY CLOUDS

Hey Hey

Just wanted to post a truly wonderful experience I had with Wayne Pieterse and the guys from Thrifty Clouds yesterday at Vapecon 2019:ARMS1:

Their store was one of the first I happened across while cruising around the floor. Tempted with a New brand for me and the overall welcoming friendliness of the guys at stand 83.
I immediately was offered a variety of their juices to sample with proper mods and Zeus tanks :banana: and was absolutely amazed with their range!!! Especially that the majority of it was dessert orientated.

They had specials going on their new lineup and end of line juices. I ended up with 7 60ml juices for R600!!! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner:rock:

Had a great chat with Wayne about his teams’ line and whats to come amidst all the Vapecon chaos. Tasted some secret new development cross flavour category juices and talked the general dessert vs fruit topics.

Anyway I digress. Now to the point of the whole story…Just had to give some context.

So I get home hours and thousands of Rands later and am digging through my spoils when I discover that 3 out of the 7 juices I got from Thrifty clouds were half empty.:(:(:(I figured two things had happened.
1 – Vapecon chaos led to a mix up between their table samples and my new juices
2- I had been screwed.

So I immediately took photographs and luckily had been given Wayne’s card, to which I called, sms’d and emailed simultaneously my situation details. Mild Panic had set in and I was no longer so stoked :sweating:

This was all happening around 5pm right after Vapecon had ended.
Within 30 minutes I got a call back from Wayne!!!:party:

We chatted and figured out that it was all simply a huge mix up. Sooooo many people, so much juice soooo much Madness.

He asked for my address and said he would swing by later on (he was leaving back to Pietermaritzburg – Monday).

True to his word he rocked up at my place around 7pm with full 60ml replacements for my 3 half empty bottles.

He even let me keep the used ones!!!

Quick stop and a chat and smiles all around:-D:):)
Couldn’t believe the service, commitment and all out friendliness of it all :aplastao::):):jump:
So I had to write about this experience because such OVER and ABOVE service and Care should never be just set aside and not appreciated for.

Pics of all the juice included- all in all 10 bottles of Juice for R600.
Plus my haul from VAPECON 2019 :aaaaa:

Thanks Wayne and the guys at THRIFTY CLOUDS – look forward to the juices to come and seeing you guys in Joburg more!!!

Schnitzel Frontier